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309. Auction:
Payment deadline is November 17.

310. Auction:
From  7 to 16 November
Payment deadline is December 1.

Viewing: from 13 to 16 November

28th Major auction
viewing 13-25 november
Hungarian philately: live auction
All the other parts: Online auction til 18:00

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Animals set Állatok sor
Sign: Mint Never Hinged

Animals set
Állatok sor

Unit price:
Quantity: (pcs)
Description: Animals set
Állatok sor
Country: Papua
Year: 1971
Sign: Mint Never Hinged
Motive: Animals
Catalog nr.: Mi 197-201
Webshop Item
Airmail set Repülőposta sor
Sign: Mint Never Hinged

Airmail set
Repülőposta sor

Unit price:
Quantity: (pcs)
Description: Airmail set
Repülőposta sor
Country: Papua
Year: 1939
Sign: Mint Never Hinged
Motive: Airplane , Famous people , Landscapes , People
Catalog nr.: Mi 112-117
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